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Here Are The Top 6 Best Epic Fantasy Books like Game of Thrones

1. The Lord of the Rings series

An epic fantasy rundown would be nothing without The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien’s artful culmination and a totally prototype work in the class.

Named after the antagonist of the series, the set of three follows the Fellowship of the Ring in their mission to annihilate the One Ring — as the eventual fate of all Middle-earth lays on their shoulders. No tension! While some in the gathering face epic fights, others should wrestle against their own evil presences and complete more modest (yet no less significant) missions that will decide the destiny of their reality.

2. Wheel of Time series

Assuming you need length, advancement, and a labyrinth of story bends, then, at that point, Jordan’s fourteen-book epic fantasy series will get the job done.

The story happens in this present reality where ladies can utilize wizardry, however men can’t — or rather shouldn’t. It follows a gathering of companions from a modest community who are cleared up in occasions that will change the world until the end of time. In a clash of Light versus Dark, the one individual that could save them is additionally the one that can annihilate the world.

This series is likewise a decent exhibition of fantasy fellowship and cooperation. Robert Jordan kicked the bucket while composing the series, however it was closed by long-term fan and individual fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, who utilized the broad notes left by Jordan to compose the last three portions. Discussing whom…

3. The Mistborn series

Harry crushed Voldemort. Aragorn climbed to the lofty position. It’s typically beautiful direct: the saint satisfies the prediction. However, have you at any point thought about what might occur if the saint comes up short? Sanderson’s Mistborn series is here to address that inquiry.

Set in a universe of mind boggling supernatural frameworks that make a complicated social and political construction, Mistborn starts with the narrative of a subjugated, half-Skaa (lower-class) cheat named Kelsier. Subsequent to languishing over years in a jail camp, he finds he is a Mistborn — somebody who has extraordinary mystical forces that allow him the opportunity to topple the oppressive rule of the Lord Ruler.

Kelsier figures out how to get away and get his old stealing team back together, alongside another Mistborn named Vin to get his ideas under way. However, toppling 1,000 year-old domain is no simple accomplishment, and they should hazard their lives to change the world.

4. The First Law set of three

Set in a world suggestive of archaic Europe, The First Law series observes a modest bunch of characters amidst war. This series is stuffed brimming with extraordinary activity scenes three-dimensional characters, blood, blood, and more blood. Did we specify that it has blood?

The cast of characters might need run of the mill “chivalrous” characteristics. Yet, Abercrombie takes their upsetting and hostile attributes and transforms his characters into genuine screw-ups, convincing perusers to think often about them and about their destinies.

Fun truth: the titles for every one of the three of the books in this series have scholarly beginnings. The Blade Itself comes from the statement, “The sharp edge itself prompts to deeds of viciousness,” by Homer. Before They Are Hanged hails from the statement, “We ought to pardon our adversaries, however not before they are hanged,” by Heinrich Heine. To wrap things up, Last Argument of Kings is from a statement recorded on Louis XIV’s cannons.

5. The Malazan Book

This amazing series is the result of two creators: Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont. They co-made the world, yet each composed various stories that happens inside it. While Esslemont’s series is just about as standard as Erikson, it’s known under the different name of Novels of the Malazan Empire. In the event that you’re pondering, those in addition to Erikson’s books bring the series all out to a beating 22 books! You most certainly will not run out of perusing material any time soon.

Malazan Book of the Fallenhas a huge history, complex world-building, an incredible supernatural framework, and a story that includes different landmasses and plots. All in all, it’s a fantasy for any epic fantasy darling. However, be cautioned, the series doesn’t follow a straight storyline and can be extremely confounding from the beginning. Add to it the way that the actual characters don’t know a lot of what’s happening and they are the storytellers… it’s dependent upon you to choose if they are solid or not.

In the event that you choose to check this series out, the actual writers propose perusing it in distribution request over sequential request, particularly in case it’s your initial perused.

6. The Memory, Sorrow and Thorn set of three

Osten Ard is a serene landmass where an assortment of human and non-human races live in relative agreement under the standard of King John the Presbyter. At the point when the lord’s wellbeing starts to vacillate, kin contention and since a long time ago maintained mysteries compromise the security of the realm.

The series follows the account of Simon, a youthful kitchen laborer from the palace, who, as a student to the League of the Scroll, becomes engaged with the occasions that look to go up against the adversary that undermines his territory. All through the set of three, a horde of characters — both great and awful — are presented, who develop, change, and question their lifestyle through the contention that encompasses them. The story is told through the perspective of a few characters, including the two heroes and adversaries, giving perusers a balanced perspective on the occasions occurring.



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