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How to Write an E-Book and Sell an E-Book in 6 Easy Steps

How to Write an E-Book and Sell an E-Book in 6 Easy Steps


Is there a fun chance to distribute your book? Most writers need their book to be available to perusers as fast as could be expected. Notwithstanding, assuming you need to build your capacity to catch media consideration just as offer your book to perusers, consider the month wherein you distribute. When arranging your book’s distribution date, consider the states of mind of run-of-the-mill perusers and book purchasers, just as occasions, exceptional events, and occasional topics.

Here are a few thoughts regarding the great months to distribute specific sorts of books.


In view of the New Year’s goals, the subject for January is another year, another year. It seems like we as a whole need to begin an eating routine, quit smoking, fix our relationship, or at last compose a book, beginning on January first! In the event that your book is about personal development or offers bits of knowledge on self-improvement, January may be the ideal month to distribute your book.


Valentine’s Day achieves thoughts connections, sex, and sentiment. My cousin and co-writer, Beverly West, and I concocted an effective book thought by beginning with the inquiry, “What sort of $10 Valentine’s Day book could we compose?” February is likewise a happy chance to distribute books about films because of the circumstance of the Oscars and Golden Globes.

February to March and April.

Spring is a regular time for distributers to deliver mid-list (books with insignificant advertisement financial plans that distributers hope to sell in humble numbers). That way, little books will not need to rival the blocky, genuine books delivered in the tumble to captivate Christmas customers. On the off chance that your book is on a genuine theme, or about spring cleaning or planting, have a go at distributing your book in the spring.


Mother’s Day is an extraordinary time for gift books and books identified with mother/girl or mother/child issues. Swimwear season is beginning soon, so it very well may be an incredible opportunity to distribute books on wellness and weight reduction.


Weddings, Father’s Day, and graduations make June an incredible chance to distribute gift books, books about fathers, professions, and weddings, just as any books that would engage fathers, graduated class, and bridesmaids.

July and August.

Except if your book is extraordinary for sea shore perusing, distributing your book in July or August when individuals aren’t generally contemplating genuine points and many individuals are holiday might bring about insignificant or no exposure for your book.


Class kickoff implies discussing occupations, training, and obviously the children and what they need to realize. My book, Raising a Sensually Intelligent Child, written in a joint effort with Lindsey Bell, was delivering in September. Throughout the long term, my co-creators and I have discovered that guardians, educators, and experts who work with youngsters are probably going to look for data on kids with unpretentious issues, for example, tangible handling issue in September when school starts.


Because of Halloween, October is quite possibly the most famous extraordinary theme be it apparitions, vampires or witches. On the off chance that your novel is in the impending nightfall, October would be the ideal distributing month for you.


Fall’s huge books — possibly blockbuster films — turn out in September through November, yet particularly in November in view of that month’s “clear” of TV appraisals. It will book big name TV shows for the period of November for the best appraisals, which decide advertisement income in the coming months. Have you at any point saw that all of the top of the line creators do their own TV shows in November? On the off chance that your book is more modest, and you’re not well known, you might need to keep away from November as the distribution date. The exemption is if your book is about legislative issues or governmental issues that may be examined at political race time. In case you’re not a VIP, and your book steers clear of legislative issues, don’t consider the November issue of a major political race year! It would be undeniably challenging to get media consideration.


Obviously, individuals talk about Christmas and family in December – yet books seldom get really distributed in December since, in such a case that your book isn’t on the racks by November, it probably won’t be in a book. Libraries are so occupied on siestas that your book is probably going to escape everyone’s notice and not make it off the rack.

These are overall rules – there are exemptions – yet it is exceptionally shrewd to consider the temperament of the crowd and the media while delivering your book. Investigate different books that will be offering the rack in the book shop to your own and check whether you can discover when they were distributed.

Then, at that point, additionally, with regards to turning in your last composition, you need to work in reverse from the date of distribution. April first is the last date the distributer needs to go over to the creation office a composition for the October book. A distributer needs a while to create an excellent book, and the promoting division needs an ideal opportunity to get the galleys to specific publicizing outlets and to potential validators before the cover and book are printed and the book is transported. On the off chance that your heart is prepared to get your book.



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